11 Popular Mexican Events to Attend in 2021

Mexico is home to various festivals and fairs, among other events celebrated yearly. The events are organized on a large scale to cater for both local and international guests.

With all the events, eating in Mexico is usually easier than in other destinations worldwide. It’s rich in religious, cultural, theatrical, vibrant music, and historical festivals, among other events that occur across Mexico.

Ranging from religious celebrations and events to music festivals and carnivals, the list of events is endless.

The nation has an exciting list of traditional dishes and local cuisines to explore. Whether you’re traveling to Mexico for a vacation, tour, business or simply want to try out different types of foods, there’s something for everyone.

Attend a local Mexican festival, food fair, or any other event to see and indulge in what Mexico has to offer. Here’re a few events you can attend in 2021:

11 Events You Can Attend in Mexico Next Year


  • New Year Eve and Day – Ano Nuevo

New Year’s Day is on the 1st of January every year. The public holiday comes after the eve of the New Year’s Day. It’s a perfect time for families and friends to take part in public and private celebrations, including get-togethers.

You can attend various events on this day. They include firework display, dancing and live music at the Zocalo square.

  • Dia de los Santos Reyes – Epiphany

Three Kings Day is marked on the 6th of January every year. The kings, Gasper, Melchior and Balthazar took gifts to baby Jesus. You can exchange gifts on this day with your family and friends.

Breaking sweet, special bread with figurines inside is also typical of the day. Whomever, receives the figurines inside the broken bread is tasked with hosting the Dia de la Candelaria celebrations later in February.


  • Dia de la Candelaria – Candlemas

Held every 2nd of January, Candlemas is a religious celebration. The event is celebrated in Veracruz with music, colorful parades and dance. It provides a great chance to celebrate with your family and friends, and spend time together.

During the event, you can join others in celebrating traditions. For instance, you can take a beautifully-decorated baby Jesus figure to be blessed in church.


  • Natalico de Benito Juarez – Benito Juaraz Birthday Celebration

The event occurs on 21st March in honor of Benito Juaraz, an important president in the history of Mexico. The national holiday honors the president’s life and achievements in the country.

He was president from 1858 to 1872 and his democratic reforms included access to health care and education for all, and equal rights for the country’s indigenous people.

  • The Carnival

Packed with live music, colorful costumes, lots of entertainment, and dance, you can attend this event either in Veracruz or Mazatlan.

Although dates for the event varies each year, it occurs in late February or at the beginning or March. It usually ends on Mardi Gras.


  • Semana Santa – Easter

Easter goes for two weeks. The celebrations honor Christ’s last days and His resurrection. Fireworks, processions and reenactments crown the event.

  • The International Guitar Festival

The guitar festival occurs over four days annually. It takes place at the end of March or the onset of April. It usually takes place in the Morelia City, Michoacan.

The event includes local and international performances, recitals, fascinating seminars and expositions, among other interesting activities.


  • Dia del Trabajo – Labor Day

This a public holiday celebrated worldwide every year on the 1st of March. The celebration commemorates the union of Mexican workers.

Several government offices, retail stores and banks close on Labor Day. And, protests are usually organized in Zocalas and other parts of the country, more so in Mexico.


  • Fiesta de San Juan Bautista

The event honors St. John the Baptist on the 24th June every year. It takes place all over Mexico and crowns all kinds of events, including parades, festivities and celebrations.

Some activities involve sprinkling water or pouring water over worshippers, something linked to Saint John the Baptist and water.

Soft water is usually used when sprinkling on worshippers due to the benefits of water softener. Some events use water softening systems such as the fleck water softener for its range of benefits.


  • The Guelaguetza Dance Festival

The cultural festival is colorful and takes place on the last couple of Mondays in July. Head to the Oaxaca state to witness participants in colorful outfits performing various traditional dances.

The festival is held in the Guelaguetza auditorium. It has a large enthusiastic crowd that attend the event every year for the delight it offers.

Other events you can attend for the rest of the year include:

  • Morismas Festival in August
  • Festival International Cervantino in October
  • The Mexico Marathon and Independence Day in September
  • All Saints Day, Revolution Day, Ollin Kan and Morelia International Music Festival in November
  • Las Posadas, the Virgin of Guadalupe Day and Christmas (Navidad) in December

Whichever event you attend, expect to enjoy your day.

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