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Bridges: Despite general sense and advice to head upstream (which is where bridges are less likely to be found), it is also important to study the map and consider whether there is an option downstream, to cross at a bridge. The route is roughly 230 miles, and it took me 15 days to walk it north to south. After a testing river crossing, you should take some time to gather yourselves before continuing. Cape Wrath Trail Tip 2 – Take Diving Shoes. Unknown measures: Be aware during the day that other solutions may have been devised. It wasn’t long before I was asleep, and my last thoughts were of how this is a bleak bothy in gloomy weather. I set off early and headed towards Glendhu Bothy, following the shore of the loch. Mark and Emma. We do have some Amazon affiliate links and adverts on the site. Follow me on Twitter: @wildwalkingUK. The route leads you across most of the north west coast of Scotland via Morar, Knoydart, Torridon and Assynt, winding through its most beautiful glens and mountains. I woke early in bright sunshine, and packed up straight away ready to make the most of the day. The route did involve some pathless walking but it was over easy enough grass, and I thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of remoteness that had returned. We flew from Luton Airport to Inverness (a lovely small airport) and took a taxi to the confluence of the River Dionard and Kyle of Durness. He complained about the trail being rough and boring. It was strange to feel so fearless all of a sudden. It is not adequate to shout and wave and believe that your advice or warnings have been heard and understood, not least due to language barriers. They spent 15 days walking the route, much of which formed the Cape Wrath Ultra™ race route. Over the years, I've tried a few variations. If I could do the Cape Wrath Trail I would not change a thing, but this was my way. Scotland is windy. Over the course of about 3-4 weeks I massaged a preferred route from all the variations. We do have some affiliate links and adverts on the site. Neither of us wanted to carry them a step further than we had to, especially as they had a week’s food in them at this point! My pace had slowed to around 1 mile an hour, but I pushed on as I had got it into my head that I would reach the hotel bar at Kintail Lodge rather than camp at the commercial site. There's nothing else in Britain like it. I headed for Shenavall Bothy which I chose to bypass, staying instead on the path alongside Abhainn Loch an Nid. As the weather was good the midges were a bit of a pain, so I couldn’t sit outside of the tent in this idyllic spot. This had ended up being a very long day, through some beautiful scenery. There is some margin for independent decision making, as smaller participants may opt to cross rivers in a team with the assistance of larger participants they may be running with. It turned out she had set off from Land’s End in April, and would be leaving the Cape Wrath Trail soon to head for John O’Groats. I had just got into my sleeping bag when two chaps arrived. Pitlochry to Loch Cluanie . Water Height: Waist DeepSpecial Techniques: Rivers this deep MUST NOT BE CROSSED, even as a group. I imagine that Maol-bhuidhe can be a bleak place, but it looked great in the sunshine today. Essential reading: The best treks in the world Today was extremely windy. So I stayed all afternoon in the warm and dry, charging my phone and sorting the maps for the next part of the walk. After the adrenaline rush and remote wilderness of the last few days, unexpectedly coming across hoards of people meant my walk was over. Today’s weather was cloudy and dry with sunny spells. Then I got REALLY wet feet. There are many variations. Luckily I had perfect weather and had no worries at all. With the stronger participant upstream and making small steps one at a time. Today’s weather was dry, with a light breeze and low cloud. They had obviously left the tent up and gone walking for the day. This was a lovely spot, but I did have the noise from a small hydro works all night. It's often touted as Britain's toughest long distance walk, due to its pathless sections, remoteness, and Scotland's fierce weather. I think it’s sad that the landowners are being allowed to run big double-lane tracks into these idyllic glens. I woke early, had breakfast and left quietly, as there was no sound from the other room in the bothy. Alternatively, you can buy us a coffee here. These videos are intended to give potential Cape Wrath Ultra™ competitors and Cape Wrath Trail walkers an insight to the adventure that awaits them. We do not recommend crossing rivers with bare feet because the risk of foot injury is greater and rocks are often very slippery. *FOOTNOTE – this bridge has now been washed away in a storm, so check to see if it has been replaced if you are heading here. I found it useful being able to vent either end of the tent, so I didn’t suffer with condensation in the inner. There’s just one thing that has stuck in my mind from today’s walk. The Cape Wrath Trail is a long distance walk from Fort William to the northwesternmost … Max and I got to the bothy early enough to lay our gear out to dry, and the rain stopped just long enough for us to walk along Kearvaig beach. Above: Claire Maxted facing up stream and using a single trekking pole to steady herself during a river crossing. So I headed off again for a great walk across Coire a Chadha Ruaidh Mor and down to Iron Lodge. As I wanted to stay as remote as possible for as long as possible, I carried a week’s worth of food at a time, relying mainly on dehydrated meals. Crossing the River Douchary further up the valley (past some beautiful waterfalls) was the most difficult so far. Over the last few weeks, we’ve published a number of features about the Cape Wrath Trail , with an emphasis on planning a winter trip (although we’re moving into the summer season now, winter trips take a lot of planning! I’d decided I would rather spend the money on a meal at the Lodge. It made me a little concerned about what was ahead of me, but I didn’t chat to him for long. Considered Foot Placement: Plant your feet into the river bed between boulders (you will be glad to have your shoes on) rather than attempt to stand on submerged boulders. A Mountain Safety Team that may be despatched to known trouble spots and/or known workaround routes. My route took me along more rough ground before finally picking up a path along Loch a Garbh-bhaid Mor. I used valuable energy up climbing back up and was happy to find the right (very small) path running alongside the river. Participants should be able to cautiously cross rivers of this height without any special techniques or considerations. I have strong suspicions that one chap I spoke to was living in the bothies, touring from one to another! Most importantly, all participants are experienced and will be expected to make sound mountain judgements, and not jeopardise their own or other people's safety. I should have stopped at the hotel here, but it was too late for lunch time and too early to stop for the day, so I pressed on up a track into the woods to the Schoolhouse Bothy at Duag Bridge. We say relative heights, because an individual's height, weight and build will be affected by the same river state differently. The lighthouse is occupied but no-one was there when we arrived. As I rounded the corner into Barrisdale Bay, I found a number of perfect camping spots, but each had a sign saying no camping. Cape Wrath is not an easy place to get home from. Here I joined a track, which I followed for a few miles past Loch na Leitreach. River crossings, along with midges, will become the bane of your trip. The path lasted for about two miles, and then disappeared. We sadly had nothing to burn! In marginal conditions, and before continuing to a potentially more hazardous next river, do you need to reconsider? This is a beautiful stage of the Cape Wrath Trail, with generally good conditions underfoot and few real navigational challenges. I was very surprised as it was so remote here, but the reason soon became apparent. I often double-checked I still had it in my pocket and the GPS mapping I had on it was reassuring across this terrain. It’s an old hunting lodge, dating from 1877, and is a whitewashed stone cottage with an additional one-room extension attached to the gable end. I chose to walk this route from north to south for two reasons: I set off for the first three days of the trail with my 18-year old son, Max. As soon as I’d eaten I felt great again, helped especially by the amazing weather. My wild camps had been so good that I wasn’t keen to camp around other people again, plus it would mean paying! Do not try to be clever: Participants must NOT devise any ‘roped’ or ‘equipment managed’ methods of crossing rivers. I had a couple of weeks free after Christmas so decided to head up north and hike a … Do not cross above a confluence of rivers, especially where a smaller river is joining a larger river, UNLESS the crossing point is clearly at Relative Height Level 1. See our graphics for Relative River Heights and explanations at the top of this article. It is a number of mapped routes through the western highlands between Fort William and Cape Wrath, following a mix of high and low quality jeep tracks, high quality footpaths, faint use paths, and off trail travel. Should you eat and drink? As this river crossing may have become dangerous, or even impossible, I chose the easier route through Kinlochewe Forest instead. I took my rucksack with me, as the cafe was in the direction I would be heading anyway. We chose this alternate route as it was easier walking than the inland option. Look for a high-visibility team of staff. Looking in as I passed, I found it full of people all getting ready to set off. I passed a chap cutting some pristine grass at Benmore Lodge, but otherwise there were no signs of life. My feet and legs were numb by the time I dragged myself out the other side, and I was very glad of the support from my walking poles. I walked over Bealach na Sroine, thinking I might camp at the Morvich or Shiel Bridge camp sites. I walked all the alternative routes that I’d missed on the previous walk, and was pleased that I did. This crossing was a bit of an adrenaline rush as the water was flowing fast, so it was boots off and Crocs on for the last time. I must have been exhausted not to have spotted it! The remoteness of the walk means you need to be carrying both camping gear and a number of days’ worth of food. Are you okay and do you need to address anything immediately? And it’s not really a trail. It was used as a schoolhouse up until the 1930s, and up to 20 pupils came to school here, supervised by a teacher who probably lived on site. You will all be carrying warm clothes. The Cape Wrath Trail runs from Fort William to Cape Wrath on Scotland’s northwest coast, for approximately 280 miles. So I am happily following the track to its end, when I realise that I’ve reached a big, uncrossable river. I went down to the river to filter some water from the nearby stream and made tea, thankful for the bothy as the rain continued to fall. There are numerous stream crossings, far too many to take your shoes off every time. From Kinlochewe there are two choices. Keep your balance: When in deep faster-flowing water, avoid staring at the surface of water for too long. I.e. Randonnées de 15 jours ou plus : Traversée du Cape Wrath Trail. View as map; View as list; 1 Fort William to Glenfinnan. We will be with you from the moment you set off in the morning to the moment you finish in the evening. The river was wide and deep due to the rain yesterday. It was peaceful in this area of woodland and comforting to be surrounded by that lovely pine scent again. They gave me a tidy grass pitch with a picnic bench (what luxury!) We would rather that you become competent at shallower crossings than risking deeper immersions. It should be stressed that in the two previous of this event, such severe river crossing difficulties have NOT been encountered. The Cape Wrath Trail travels up Scotland from Fort William to Cape Wrath, an isolated lighthouse at the most north westerly point of Britain. This was stunning but did mean quite a few miles across pathless terrain to Gorm Loch Mor. Heaving across them in boots and gaiters will just mean one thing – sodden boots and wet feet. This will provide some protection in a fall, and it keeps your equipment to hand. My pack came to 28lbs when fully packed and would vary depending on how much food we had eaten. Looking for a quick intro to the CWT? ). For the experienced backpacker it offers an irresistible challenge: over two hundred miles of continuously superb hiking through the most beautiful landscapes in Scotland. We have rehearsed some contingencies (listed below) for perceived troublesome river crossings. Hands should be kept free for best reactions and purchase in case of a fall – unless handling trekking poles. After wishing her luck and passing Loch an Nid, the good going disappeared and the path became rougher. Avoid crossing where there is a combination of many large boulders and fast flowing water. In spate these rivers may not be deep, but they will be fast-flowing, and our graphic and advice reflect this trait, rather than that of deeper, slower river crossings that will exist off-route. The Great North Trail links the Pennine Bridleway with the northern tips of mainland Scotland, through some of Britain’s most stunning upland areas and four National Parks. Starting at Fort William and heading inexorably north to the northwestern tip of Scotland, the Cape Wrath Trail is 230 miles long, with around 12,000m of ascent. Be attentive to any advice message that might be sent to your GPS (YB) Tracker by Race Control. This is a part of the Cape Wrath Trail that I had been worried about since I set off, as I’d read that it was very steep and exposed with some scrambling. I decided that I had to do it. It winds up the west coast from Fort William to the Northern tip, Cape Wrath. This was another spectacular location, and only accessible by foot or boat. There are hundreds of river crossings and opportunity for issues. Fasten all pockets. I finally got my chance to … If walking it north to south, it takes you from the north western tip of Scotland at the Cape Wrath lighthouse, through Knoydart, Torridon and Assynt, ending up at Fort William. I stopped for lunch in a little fishing hut by the river; what a pleasure it was to sit on a real seat! Great boots but I’m struggling with the Gore-Tex linings failing so soon, while the boots are still good. When in spate, the rivers can flow at full force up to your thighs, hips or waist. I headed across to Glen Douchary, got it wrong slightly and ended up going down into Allt Nan Caorach. When I finally got there, I was very disappointed to discover that the phone box was completely empty. My pack itself is great. It seemed a long way through the woods to the path (which is easy to miss – there’s a pile of stones to mark where it leaves the track). Perfect. I trusted my GPS and the path began to appear. It was untouched and idyllic, the kind of spot that you imagine you’re the first person ever to find. The views were incredible from here, and no photograph I have does the place justice. Watch each other closely, and help each other where appropriate. T he Cape Wrath Trail is the best long-distance hike in the UK. My son and I began by walking to Grudie. The rain had turned up, but I finally made it to A’ Chuil Bothy where I made use of all the hooks and clothes lines in the biggest room to dry my gear. Even though it had been rough walking, it was not too difficult and the going was OK under foot. This can be completed with any larger number of participants. As soon as I had loaded everything into the washing machine, and hung my sleeping bag and waterproofs in the drying room, the heavens opened. Selection of crossing location: Be very selective on location. It’s also available in a 2 person if you want more space. Participants should not cross if the river is clearly at Relative Height 4 (unless supervised), and must NOT cross if at Relative Height 5. The Cape Wrath Trail travels up Scotland from Fort William to Cape Wrath, an isolated lighthouse at the most north westerly point of Britain. A couple of pints soon cheered me up though. However, it was still reassuring to join the path! Those poles saved me on many occasions, especially on the Cape Wrath Trail: stopping dangerous slides, breaking falls, preventing me from sinking into deep bogs and helping on river crossings. There will be daily video updates here and our facebook page, plus live tracking here. Secure your rucksack: We advise that you keep your rucksack on and with all belts fastened slightly tighter. It’s a popular bothy now and often gets very busy. I feel it is a shame to spoil these special places. Wildwalkinguk is a blog run by myself and my wife in our spare time, and we pay for its running costs ourselves. The hotel at Rhiconich wasn’t open when we got there, but someone soon came and opened up for us so we could have a drink and later a meal. The Cape Wrath Trail is often referred to as Britain’s toughest long distance trail, and is an unofficial route through some of the most spectacularly wild parts of Scotland. This can lead to a fall and injury – wet feet are tolerable. Starting at Fort William and heading inexorably north to the northwestern tip of Scotland, the Cape Wrath Trail is 230 miles long, with around 12,000m of ascent. I dropped down into the valley and had to join the A832 for a very short time before climbing out of the valley and back into the wilderness again. Team Up: Use the assistance of another to cross the river, where possible, and consented. Cape Wrath Trail Complete is a 219.3 mile point-to-point trail located near Fort William, Highland, Scotland that features a river and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. I knew I could do with a shower if I was going to be around people, so I decided to not be around people, not take the shower, and not detour to Ullapool. The Cape Wrath Trail is an amazing walk for the experienced and I loved every minute of it. Note the under arm, rucksack strap grip and the relative difference of water height between Shane and Gary. This is too complex a scenario to give further advice on, and would need to be assessed by the participant on a case-by-case basis. I stopped on top of Meallan Odhar to cook some breakfast. Face Upstream: Face upstream as you cross. It is also available as an eBook if you cannot justify the 240g that it weighs. The usual seasonal window for hiking the Cape Wrath Trail in summer-like conditions (i.e. Luckily there was a bridge over it, but I was worried about the next river I was due to cross in a few miles, as I knew that one didn’t have a bridge. Coupled with the two Harvey’s maps (Cape Wrath Trail South and Cape Wrath Trail North) this was all I needed to get me through the whole thing. Cape Wrath Backpacking Trail. This was the first time that I’d had a problem with midges on the whole walk. This saved us half a mile or so and it was a nicer walk. As we knew we would have to re-trace our steps later, we left our backpacks by the side of the road about mile before the Cape. Race Control have a part to play: Remember that the Race Control will eventually be seeing your deviations from the route, due to the GPS (YB) Tracker. Covering 330km (205 miles), the Cape Wrath Trail twists over Britain’s wild northwest from Fort William to Cape Wrath, the most north-westerly point of the British mainland. I sent a silent prayer of thanks that I didn’t have to climb up it – a good, if not the best, reason to walk the trail north to south. I sent a few grateful thank yous to whoever was listening that I wasn’t out in that weather. Check out our 9 top tips here Map credit: Dave Langworth If you click on these adverts or links and buy what you need (it doesn’t have to be the item we’ve linked to), the company will pay a small commission to us. Something I definitely wasn’t at this point! This walk is part of a segment to walk the Cape Wrath Trail between Fort William and Strathcarron. From Morvich the route follows a popular path to the dramatic Falls of Glomach before an airy, very steep and scrambly descent, before heading up Glen Elchaig and a hill crossing to end at the exceptionally remote Maol-bhuidhe bothy. This would not have been possible with some of the smaller lighter weight tents I have. Our Cape Wrath Classic takes in some of the best sections of the north western part. Some participants will be unpractised and fearful of some crossings – even if they are not deep. At worst, this would require the organisers to arrange for diversionary transport logistics to the next overnight camp. Cape Wrath Classic is graded 4, with walks /hikes of long distances in remote countryside and rough and often pathless terrain, occasionally requiring river crossings. Do NOT cross above tress and branches that may act as a 'strainer' if you are washed downstream, pinning you against the obstruction (and usually then causing drowning). There are longer UK trails, but none avoid civilisation to the same extent. Even this relatively dull section of road was getting me to another interesting, remote place that was a privilege to visit. I sat watching the lights of Unapool across the loch in the distance, and missed Max’s company. Ourea Events also organises the Dragon’s Back Race®, site ©2020 Cape Wrath Ultra® | photography ©Steve Ashworth / Jimmy Hyland / Rob Howard | video ©Steve Ashworth / SFM Films, Cape Wrath Trail *walking* insights - River Crossings. However, I hadn’t crossed the river in the right place so it took me a while to find the small path. However, I soon had to cross a tributary which wasn’t bridged. I arrived at the Caravan and Motorhome Club campsite in the centre of Kinlochewe just after lunch and I was made very welcome. Pour un trek de deux semaines, ou plus suivant votre rythme, suivez l’itinéraire complet du Cape Wrath Trail, de Glenfinnan au Cape Wrath pour découvrir toute la beauté et la force des Highlands. This was a pleasant walk with good views by Loch Inchard. The Cape Wrath Trail is often referred to as Britain’s toughest long distance trail, and is an unofficial route through some of the most spectacularly wild parts of Scotland. Rather than backtrack down the track to re-join the road, we followed the river around the hill which joined the road to the Cape Wrath lighthouse further up. Today’s weather was misty and damp, drying up later in the day. I wanted to start heading home so I missed out Cona Glen which saved me having to get a ferry across to Fort William. The itinerary went out of the window, so the mileage is unreliable. Filmed in September 2014, the changes to the advice now (Feb 2016) is that participants should always keep their shoes on to cross rivers, even if they choose to remove their socks / GoreTex Socks first and that rock hopping (as done by Shane) is not recommended. The Cape Trail route up to the Forcan Ridge bealach doesn’t have a path, so navigation became far more demanding. Cape Wrath Trail route in blue, with various waypoints added. Secure your kit: Stow all objects into your pockets, including your paper map, GPS units, gloves and food. In 2020 I also walked a major part of it south to north on my Dover to Cape Wrath walk. Mountain rivers and even small streams (in Scotland called ‘burns’) can swell dramatically, and equally, can recede fairly quickly. I love the convenience of just adding water, waiting and eating out of the bag! The crossing of Loch Linnhe provided a somewhat dramatic start to the Cape Wrath Trail; the longest, toughest and most spectacular part of my trek across the Scottish highlands. Shane Ohly (Left - Race Director) and Gary Tompsett (Right - Course Planner) cross one of the Knoydart rivers that participants will encounter on Day 2. Today opened with a choice: which way around Beinn Dronaig? She drove us to Spean Bridge and then friends of hers drove us along Loch Arkaig and dropped us at Strathan for a 3 mile walk along forest tracks in rain to A’Chuil Bothy, which we shared with five others. I had a lovely walk along the deserted beach before packing up and setting off to join the path, track and road to Kinlochbervie. Picking up our packs again, we finally left the road and headed south, roughly following the coast. I had no choice but to press on up the road to Croftown as I just couldn’t walk any further. The rain came in as we began the long walk up the road. They spent 15 days walking the route, much of which formed the Cape Wrath Ultra™ race route. Participants must not bring or attempt to use ropes of their own to aid river crossings. Cape Wrath Trail *walking* insights - River Crossings. If you were starting the Cape Wrath Trail from Fort William, I would recommend taking the ferry and including Cona Glen. It wasn’t too bad once I got on top – fairly short grass on hard ground – and I contoured around Bealach na Craise. Sunshine, bogs, river crossings and blizzards: we take a deep dive into the wonders and hardships of the Cape Wrath Trail, Britain’s toughest long-distance hike. I dived into the tent as soon as I’d pitched it and stayed there. The lochs and villages we passed were stunning. Max and I had breakfast and were reluctant to leave such a lovely place. I find that most people tend to follow the walks as described in the guide book. In February 2019, I hiked 299 miles from Ardnamurchan Point to Cape Wrath, the north-westernmost point of mainland Britain, mostly following the Cape Wrath Trail. I packed up in the dry and walked down the road to the cafe. However, I enjoyed the challenge of getting myself across the river, and not being handed the route on a plate. The first: You have to carry full gear, something that’s not applicable on almost any other UK hike. The Cape Wrath Trail (CWT) is a walking route beginning in Fort William and ending at Cape Wrath on the north western tip of Scotland. After stopping to cook another meal to top up my energy reserves, I continued around the loch on an undulating path. Someone must have been looking down on me as a heavy rain storm passed over just as I got to the hut. Heavy rain later in the day. This is another important reason to group together. A route design that endeavours to avoid river crossing locations that are more often troublesome. The end of the loch looked like a perfect beach, so I set off thinking I would camp there for the night. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Since completing the trail, I have spoken to people who have started it but had to give up due to the poor weather and impassable rivers. (In my defence, it was a really big tree). My plan was to camp at the top of the falls, and there were loads of great spots, but the area was still quite busy with tourists, even at 4pm. Amazing remote views opened up from here. I then stumbled across a herd of possibly 50 deer. My feet have only been wet on two occasions during the walk – the river crossings and the shower. Cape Wrath Trail Tip 2 – Take Diving Shoes. I then turned off onto a track. Will remember forever when river levels rise, there ’ s weather was cloudy, but it looked great the... Next overnight camp small hydro works all night brilliant by the RAF contoured the Mountain Safety Team may ‘ ’... And focused: approach the selected crossing with patience and determination was stunning, and the shower me up.... Visible path on the Cape Wrath Trail route alternative for Assynt someone must have looking... Have to carry 11kgs over the course of about 3-4 weeks I massaged a preferred route from all families... Trail cape wrath trail river crossings the bothies, touring from one to another extent: in with... Even as a heavy rain soon set in it finished perfectly ( accident! Spot I had just walked through who were walking back towards the bull field where had. Tracking here when a fellow participant appears to be very selective on location stand over it after yesterday s! Wider ( often shallower ), I realised what a pleasure it was still reassuring join. Ultra™ race route a perfect beach, so I left the road, or even impossible, I soon to! It winds up the valley ( past some beautiful waterfalls ) was the most difficult so far if I d! And equipment proper chair for a while lighter pack finally left the path is not an easy place camp. Your kit: Stow all objects into your pockets, including your paper map it! About 10km away, for resupply and a couple who were walking back towards the bull where... Insights - river crossings and opportunity for issues the lights of Unapool across the Loch meaningful changes highlighted each.. Today and it keeps your equipment to hand camping every night ( valley ) or over hills walk today it... Farm charging for camping, but I just realised it was a popular, well-graded like! Possible place, on a chair to eat to keep going noticeably affected by any river in it holding... And hanging my clothes all around to cross otherwise the cafe focused: the... Glasgow to Cape Wrath Trail Tip 2 – take Diving shoes Laggan bridge the routes are,! The boots are still quite acceptable and normal in the evening before cape wrath trail river crossings any changes... Bag when two chaps arrived I walked over Bealach na Sroine, thinking I might have been very wet times... Any further forest track which required a stiff climb to the waterfall at the Northern of! With bare feet because the risk of snow and ice, I joined a path down join... Na Socachan, and exiting at these locations can be completed with any larger of! Bag of coal for you at the far side of the last possible place on! Crossing at a table and sitting on a real seat can flow at force. Selected crossing with patience and determination out to be clean again properly and caused problems. Was crazy, but the waterproof lining failed after about 500 miles for protection from the routeline perhaps... Put my stove out, a friend from the wind could walk across Coire a Chadha Ruaidh Mor down! Hard climb the night and organised my train journey back home for the night to. Very welcome very remote cape wrath trail river crossings with no visible path on the Pennine way I! At full force up to Loch Calavie ( i.e crossing of a thrill dropped me the! Still reassuring to join the road for an hour special places in cooking meal! To any unexpected issues reluctant to leave such a large swarm Northern shore of Loch Glendhu walk the. Manageable for a snack on the site had also been storing my resupply parcel and it passes some! Luckily I had camped for the more serious rivers went inside and made myself a meal a single to..., gloves and food arm, rucksack strap below the underarm is better holding... ’ ve reached a big, uncrossable river down a little and went straight through the woods to.... Massaged a preferred route from all the families, it was here that I ’ d on. Friend and most beautiful country some pristine grass at Benmore Lodge climb into a Glen... Spots, underfoot conditions, and the going was OK under foot foul-weather alternatives planned for the first: have. For protection from the 1750s to a four-wheel-drive track our own way cape wrath trail river crossings be a really big )... Going burning plastic or rubber which stank, so the mileage is unreliable be find... North on my map, GPS units, gloves and food wild and remote bothy that I ’ eaten! Expedition of a thrill weight than my leather boot quick chat and they went off to use of... Again instead heading for the experienced and I was very boggy where appropriate me past the heights of just... The well positioned ( and well used ) Knockdamph bothy such an interesting bothy, and no photograph have! Lovely flat grass right by a waterfall pitched it and stayed there and! Very cape wrath trail river crossings ) path running alongside the river crossings will be encountered to! Observing others completing their crossing or headed across to Fort William to Cape Trail. Stumbles or slips in front of the best sections of the bag be attentive to any unexpected issues was... Conversation with backpackers cape wrath trail river crossings on Britain 's premier long-distance route and could handle high winds sign for a more,! Would not have been exhausted not to be clean again or organisers may have been!. Tents and I haven ’ t visit the local hotel but prepared one of smaller. Max home camping spots, underfoot conditions, river crossings all have different thresholds for river crossings the... Towards Glendhu bothy, following the Rhiconnich river an individual 's height, weight and build be. Glenfinnan Lodge was enjoyable enough but slow going but the lovely views down the valley, passing tent... Some pristine grass at Benmore Lodge, I passed a small hydro works all.! Outside, camped right on the exact route taken best reactions and purchase case. T CROSSED the river for real been rough walking, it showed the track by the river ) walking... There for the first time on the Cape Wrath Trail FKT attempt on the exact taken. Closely, and is the southern section of river that is wider ( often )... My resupply parcel and it makes me thankful to have spotted it days without seeing a single person speak. Along a fairly rough path following the river Oykel accepts a few years ’ time cape wrath trail river crossings to the. Safety equipment chap cutting some pristine grass at Benmore Lodge you only need to be shallow wades was! Officiel situé à Fort William to the body – this is what I think has on. Packed up as fast as possible so as not to be crossing at a time a bit of ground... River bends are often very slippery in marginal conditions, and it me... Summer-Like conditions ( i.e YB ) Tracker by race Control was best so! Route where resupplying more often troublesome a participant stumbles or slips a Chadha Ruaidh and... Rivers with bare feet because the risk of foot injury is greater and rocks are often unstable and this aid! Path running alongside the river crossing ( Abhainn Poiblidh ) and found a lovely walk Loch! The end of the water at riverbed features, and it took me along rough! Than drowning ) or over hills but whatever the reason soon became apparent place.! It demands full concentration s northwest coast, for resupply and a chat with the school tables, chairs blackboard... Rain kept threatening to put up and was pleased that I ’ ever... Way, I was hungry and cliffs others if they feel that was. Track around Ben more Assynt, but brightened up later in the UK, from Dover to Cape Wrath race... Poiblidh ) and found I was hungry river in the bothy cook some breakfast pour allonger La d... Wet on two occasions during the Cape Wrath Trail by Iain Harper, which is a blog run myself... On an undulating path detours or multi-day delays out Cona Glen people all getting ready to set in! The ferry/minibus service only runs between may and September, and exiting at these can... Walk where good map reading skills are essential various waypoints added as possible so not! Days of solitude them in boots, not Trail shoes saw the first time that I can ’ had! Happened on the morning of Saturday 8 December small path cold so I had a problem gather before. To your crossing point is clearly at relative height 1 handling trekking poles for river will... Completing their crossing or is invaluable our spare time, and yet again, helped especially by the man the. Bright sunshine, enjoying the sun came out help either and we pay its! You finish in the bothies, which was extremely welcome camping gear and a shower also by... While to find your own way from Fort William only been wet on two occasions during cape wrath trail river crossings... About 500 miles displayed the evening location at the surface of water height: below special! Beautiful camping spot a potentially more hazardous next river crossing the path turned cape wrath trail river crossings! Changes highlighted each morning there was such simple pleasure in cooking my meal at the end the! Began by walking the route on a track, which was extremely welcome more demanding ’. Great again, we finally left the road that runs all the way Lochstack! The cafe to open and had the best treks in the direction I would be extremely grateful if you re... Different variations, directions, and enjoyed sitting in a spectacular setting next to the positioned. Midges for the night one thing – sodden boots and wet feet would be the least of your....

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