distinguish between bharamahal plateau and coimbatore plateau

Question 1. Answer: part of India. (a) Mysore, Question 12. Lessening the vulnerability of people and property. It is a type of land degradation which lead to the extension of desert area. peaks with more than 2000 metres. The three major Bio – sphere Reservation in Tamil Nadu are: Question 16. km) were affected by sand deposition in Theni and Rajapalayam. (b) Shencottah _________ are found in the places where, there is heavy rainfall. Answer: Question 5. river all the other rivers of Tamil Nadu state are non – perennial. Answer: Tamilnadu State Board New Syllabus Samacheer Kalvi 4th Social Science Guide Pdf Term 2 Chapter 2 Physical Features of Tamil Nadu Text Book Back Questions and Answers, Notes. How can we manage water scarcity? Question 12. On 17 July 1996 the city known as Madras was officially renamed as Chennai. (iii) Pulicate lake. Your email address will not be published. The landscape of Tamil Nadu can be divided into ____________ categories. How is coastal plain formed? Answer: Answer: (a) Aravalli range Answer: (d) None of them, Question 1. It is necessary to conserve the soil resources with intensive care. Answer: Tamil Nadu is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal in the east, Indian ocean in the South, Kerala and Karnataka in the west and Andhra Pradesh on the North. Its height varies from 150 to 450 metres. These forests are also known as Monsoon forests. D. (i) Answer: Largest plateau in India. (b) Aravalli range See more. Question 2. Tamil Nadu is located in the west of India. (c) Mahendragiri Sometimes, a plateau is so eroded that it is broken up into smaller raised sections called Many outlier plateaus are … It provides valuable forest products like Cinchona, Eucalyptus, which are used as medicine for cold, malaria and as a pain reliever. Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats. The major trees are kapok, kadamba, axle wood, bamboo, dog- teak, silk cotton etc some trees are economically important. Answer: Question 1. False. Suggest some methods of water conservation. List out the districts of Tamil Nadu which are partly/fully located on Eastern and Western Ghats separately. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Answer: Face of the city. Answer: (b) Ramanathapuram Answer: Question 3. Explain the characteristic features of summer and winter seasons of Tamil Nadu. The forests can be divided into three types. What does Disaster Risk Reduction include? Answer: Question 4. Tropical deciduous forest: Eastern Ghats, Servarayan, Kollimalai, Pachaimalai. Due to its location, Tamil Nadu experiences hot and humid weather almost throughout the year with mild winter. On March 11th, 2018. Coastal districts get nearly 60% of annual rainfall and interior districts get 40 – 50 cm rainfall. More over it is an coastal area often affected by the vulnerable natural disasters. forests are economically important. Tibetan plateau is the biggest and the tallest plateau in the world hence known as the roof of … The plateau attains a height of about 100 meters in the north and1 km in the south forming a roughly elevated triangle. (c) Pothigai Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Answer: (a) Palghat On the political map of India shade any two neighbouring states of Tamil Nadu. …………. (b) Doddabetta, Question 4. Match the Column I with Column II. Question 2. Question 2. (d) Both (A) and (R) are true but (R) does not explains (A). ………………. (c) Palani Hills The landscape of Tamil Nadu can be divided into four categories namely: Question 3. (a) Mangroves 3. Cuddalore is a multiprone disaster zone, because it is located under the very high cyclone prone zone and flood prone zone. (c) (A) is false but (R) is true. It is discontinuous dissected at many places by the east flowing rivers. Answer: The middle river plain is formed by Kaveri and its tributaries River Vaigai and Thamirabarani form the Southern plains. It courses through the districts of Tirunelveli and Thoothukudi. High zone: Nagapattinam, Thiruvallur, Tiruvarur (except North Western part) Southern part of Tanjavur, Eastern part of Pudukottai, Cuddalore, Tiruvannamalai, North Eastern part of Vellore, Northern part of Chennai, North Western part to Kanchipuram and Middle portion of Villupuram. The temperature during summer can rise up to A0°C (40 degree Celsius). (b) Northeast, Question 15. soil is suitable for tea and coffee plants. (a) Mangroves, Question 13. As a result Tamil Nadu receives low rainfall during Southwest monsoon. Find out the coastal districts of Tamil Nadu with the help of a map. Central highland & Deccan plateau Division of Peninsular Plateau The The difference between plateau and plain as follows. Plateaus are oldest region formed by the disintegration of lava rocks and they are located between Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats. It covers the districts of Salem, Erode, Karur, Trichy, Thanjavur, Thiruvarur and Nagapattinam. (a) 13, Question 2. The others are in various stages of depletion such as over exploited, critical and semi-critical. Tropical evergreen forest: Slopes of Western Ghats Nilgiris, Coimbatore, Tirunelveli, Kanyakumari. The latitudinal extent of Tamil Nadu is: temple an important pilgrim centre is located on Kolli hills range. Answer: The forest cover of Tamil Nadu as per 2017 Indian Forest Report is: (b) Swamp forests It is averagely elevated to a height of about 14800 feet. plateau. The alteration of natural environment by the technology and developmental activities increase the frequency of disaster all over the world. ……………… is the highest peak in the southern most part of the Eastern Ghats. Students can download 10th Social Science Geography Chapter 6 Physical Geography of Tamil Nadu Questions and Answers, Notes, Samacheer Kalvi 10th Social Science Guide Pdf helps you to revise the complete Tamilnadu State Board New Syllabus, helps students complete homework assignments and to score high marks in board exams. (a). (b) Vellore So, the weather is slightly cooler during these months. welcome to Zahie.com; Malaysia's leader said on Saturday communications aboard a missing jet were switched off and its course deliberately changed by someone on board before the aircraft disappeared a week … Name the beaches in Tamil Nadu. Yes. Mark the Indian ocean, the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal on the map. What is river plains? Cyclone originating from Bay of Bengal bring heavy rainfall to the east coastal regions of Tamil Nadu. Write an account on river Cauvery. The network of distributaries of River Cauvery is called ………………. Extent: Latitudinally this land mass extends from 8°4’N to 13°35’N and longitudinally from 76°18’E to 80°20’E longitudes. E. (ii), Question 4. Assertion (A): Tamil Nadu state was reorganised several times even recently. Located between Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats. (b) Bay of Bengal, Question 9. (a) Anaimudi Roads may develop crack and bridges may collapse and damaged by the earthquake so we should be causious. (c) forest majority of the mean elevation gain between the foreland and the pla-teau. Answer: Question 2. Which one of the following rivers is flow into the Arabian Sea? Koonthankulam bird sanctuary is in ………………. (d) 86°18′ W to 10°20′ W Deccan Plateau (a). Slope and height: It is broader in the North and very narrow in the South. Answer: The major type of trees found in the forests are Cinnamon, Malabar ironwood kindal, jamun etc. (b) Nilgiri hills, Question 3. At Thirumukkudal 10 km from Karur, two more tributaries Noyyal and Amaravathi confluence the river on the right bank. (a) Arabian sea Answer: B. In contrast, the frequency of the uncompensated topography within the plateau and in the adjacent foreland that is Answer: (d) Both (A) and (R) are true but (R) does not explains (A). Plateau - Plateau - Geographic distribution: Plateaus of one type or another can be found on most continents. (d) Srilanka, Question 4. (b) Chota Nagpur Lower course: After Kallanai the river breaks into a large number of distributaries and forms a network all over the delta. Bharamahal plateau is a part of the Mysore plateau situated in the northwestern part of Tamil Nadu. What is Agni Nakshatram? (c) Sunderbans national park Answer: It forms the uppermost layer of the earth. Shmbs are common. Southwest monsoon and Northeast monsoon. Very high zone: Southern part of Chennai, Eastern part of Kanchipuram and Villupuram, North Eastern part of Cuddalore and Union territory of Puduchery. Samacheer Kalvi 10th Model Question Papers. (d) Javadhu, Question 10. River valley regions and coastal plains – Thanjavur, Nagapattinam, Cuddalore, Villupuram, Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari. Kurunji flowers blossom once in 2 years. Tamil Nadu is located in the rainshadow region for the wind which blows from the Arabian sea. (d) Both (A) and (R) are true but (R) does not explains (A). Malwa Plateau :- The Malwa Plateau covers a large part of the central highlands. More than 50% of the state’s rainfall is received from tropical cyclones during this period amount of rainfall. Coastal plains is formed by die rivers that flow towards east and drain in the Bay of Bengal in Tamil Nadu. Reason(R): The state is located in the moderately low risk seismic zone. (b) 62 Some valleys in the Nilgiris record even 0°C. The Deccan Plateau extends across 8 states of India and is located between the two mountain ranges of the Eastern Ghats and the Western Ghats. (b) Bay of Bengal Question 1. Black soil retails moisture which is very essential for yarning of thread. Period of winter season is from January – February. Name the first state of India created on linguistic basis. (d) Bhavani It is roughly triangular in shape and covers an area of about 60,000 sq. Ans. Answer the following in a paragraph. D. (ii) The surplus water in Vaigia river is discharged into ………………. After flowing for about 16 km, the two branches join again to form the ‘Srirangam Island’. Shallow deep valleys and plains. Pichavaram mangrove forest is located near Chidambaram, Cuddalore district. Assertion (A): Yercaud is known as poor man’s Ooty. Answer: Coimbatore plateau lies between the Nilgiris and Dharmapuri districts. C. (ii) hills seperates Vellore and Thiruvanamali districts. Areas: (d) 21.30% Southwest Monsoon: Question 3. However, in the hill stations, the winter temperature drops below 5°C occasionally. The district which has the largest forest cover in Tamil Nadu is ……………… The plateau of Ozark (U.S.A.) is a good example of domed plateau. Sigur plateau is one such plateau. Match the Column I with Column II. Javadhu, Kalvarayan and Servarayan etc are some of the major hills. June to September. Answer: Palm, neem, rusty acacia, wheel are some of the varieties. Where do the Western ghats and Eastern ghats meet? Answer: Initially after bifurcation in Madras State there were only ………………. Reason (R): It is situated in the rain shadow area of the Western Ghats. Courtallam waterfalls is located in Tenkasi. Question 8. Answer: Answer: C. (iv) Pre monsoon showers and convection rainfall occurs in this season. Assertion (A): Red soil is rich in iron oxides. Answer: (d) 16 Trees of ………………. Summer Seasons: Trees in these forest are evergreen and usually short. Name the areas which are affected by landslides. C. (ii) (d) Timor sea Forest products are used as raw materials for several cottage industries. Chennimalai is one among these hills in Erode. (a) South west (a) Ramanathapuram Answer: Question 7. This drop in temperature leads to the formation of thick mist and frost. Answer: (a) Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) explains (A). Answer: Answer: Answer: 23 people were killed as they were stuck in the forest fire at Kurangani hills while trekking. Name the hill resorts of Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats in Tamil Nadu. is the branch of geography that deals with different physical aspects like landform soil etc. India and covers almost the entire southern part of India. Based on the cyclone hit areas that ares often hit by the tropical cyclone formed in Bay of Bengal during Northeast monsoon season. Bring out the significance of Kallanai in Tamil Nadu. Answer: Bharamahal Plateau is a part of ………………. Plateau Indians By Andrew Hockman Conclusion Leadership The Coastal Indians and the Plateau Indians vary in many ways. Answer: Question 5. (v) A tributary called Bhavani joins Cauvery on the right bank about 45 km from the Mettur Reservoir. (c) Cuddalore Question 1. Tamil Nadu experiences hot and humid weather throughout the year. (ii) It is difficult to establish the base of the mountain from the rest of the ground around as their elevation is not the same on all sides. The part of the Peninsular plateau lying to the north of the Narmada river covering a major area of the Malwa plateau is known as the Central Highlands. (iv) Describe the plateaus. Palmyrah trees are useful for construction works. (d) five B. Its height ranges from 1,100 to 1,600 metres. Winter Seasons: Your email address will not be published. ………………. (c) tropical climate (c) Javadhu Rivers like Bhavani, Noyyal and Amaravathi, which originate from Western Ghats form Valleys in the region. Assembly Constituencies. (c) Swamp forests. The deltaic stage begins in the middle course. (a) Dharmapuri Clayey in nature when wet develop cracks when dry. are found at the head of Gulf of Mannar in the East Coastal regions. (d) snow fall It is a non-renewable resource and difficult to replace it once it gets degraded. Western Ghats: Mangroves help in the prevention of coastal erosion from waves and storms. Sigur Plateau (Segur Plateau) is a plateau in the north and east of Nilgiri District in the Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu, South India.It covers the 778.8 square kilometres (300.7 sq mi) portion of the Moyar River drainage basin on the northern slopes of the Nilgiri Hills, south of the Moyar River. (a) (A) is true (R) is false Answer: Question 5. CoimbatorePlateau,Kanyakumari and Tirunelveli districts receives 50 – 100 cm rainfall during this period. Our state has ………………. The Nilgiri hills consists ………………. The process by which fertile land becomes desert due to inappropriate agriculture, deforestation, and drought is termed as desertification. Answer: It is the largest plateau in India, covering an area of around 5 lakh sq.km Answer: False, Question 3. Paddy and sugar cane grows well in this soil. Before: Create awareness; stay alert and awake; monitor the news updates; make evacuation plan; listen for any unusual sounds that might indicate moving debris such as trees cracking, boulders knocking and consider leaving the place of landslide if it is safe to do so. It also protects coral reefs and sea grass meadows from being smothered in sediments. (d) Manimuthar (a) Tenkasi ‘Coriolis Force” refers to the apparent force acts as a result of the earth’s rotation deflects the moving objects (such as projectiles or air currents) to the right in the Northern hemisphere and to the left in the Southern hemisphere. district. Give an account of the River Thamirabarani. (a) 8°4’N to 13°35’N Name the major physical divisions of Tamil Nadu. Answer: 2% of the blocks are saline and 64% of total area of the state is drought probe. (c) Land slide Eastern Ghats is a discontinuous and irregular one. (b) 8°5’S to 13°35’S Many intermontane plateaus are found in the region of the Nilgiris. Question 9. Retreating monsoon wind picks up moisture from ……………. Much variation in summer temperature increases from South to North (30°C – 40°C). (b) (A) is true but (R) is false. (v) Intense leaching areas – parts of Kanchipuram, Thiruvallur and Thanjavur, patches over the mountainous region in the Nilgiris.

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