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Looking for an adventure fix? They ranged from $50 batteries to $1,000 power stations, and each time, we learned more about what made them good and bad. Going through the company’s history, it was interesting to see that the founder in 2007 started with a vision to help the poorest people of Congo get out of poverty. You cannot bring a battery of this capacity on a plane, With the right BMS, quality batteries, and other factors, the power station can be stored in the car while camping during a hot, California summer, Keep the battery out of direct sunlight. The ability to charge or power electronics, medical devices, and even televisions has become crucial or highly desired, and as a result, I have had the opportunity to test and review some of my friends’ and family’s purchases. Michael is an outdoor enthusiast and an Information Security Engineer with a 17-year background in Systems Engineering. There…. We also get your email address to automatically create an account for you on our website. If you have a 24V outlet, however, you could, The charging controller automatically gets disabled once the batteries are full, NOT using the battery for a very long time can actually, There is no “memory effect” in this station’s battery, The battery is NOT replaceable, although some of Goal Zero’s products are, Li-ion: 20-25% capacity loss after every 500 cycle (6-10 years with up to 2000 cycles, but diminishing capacity over time), Usable in high temperatures. 4.5 out of 5 stars 130 ratings. Perhaps this is to minimize waste of unused parts or to allow for mixing and matching? This can also shorten the battery’s lifetime, Keep your car cigarette lighter with the power station — you could plug it into its 12V DC socket for starting a camp fire. There is a good reason for that, however, as the technology and construction that goes into the Goal Zero model is truly top-notch and above anything else on the market. All Goal Zero power products have a number in their name, ex. The Goal Zero Yeti 200X and 500X are two new power stations from Goal Zero. GZ’s Battery Management System (BMS) prevents: Outputting power in temps outside of 14-149F, Battery, like all Li-ion, slowly drains over time even when station is powered off, A TV that uses 100W can be used because it is less than 300W. Very very happy with the Yeti 500x I can't wait to see what Goal Zero comes out with in the future! It is a beautiful, tough (and tough-looking), relatively lightweight power station that dethroned my former 500Wh favorite for its compact size: the Rockpals 500W . — See, (1) Cigarette socket (12V, max 10A, max 120W), Single, compact 12V port to universally charge electronics with different connectors using a variety of adapters, Allows GZ to create 12V products to use 6mm instead of the bulky cigarette socket, (1) USB-C PD (5-20V, max 3A, max 60W) – Both for input/output, To turn ON or OFF the DC (12V Car/6mm, USB) or AC outputs, press the corresponding button (“12V”, “USB”, “AC”), Note: This single-press (without hold) can lead to, Li-ion batteries have 500 charge cycles before capacity drops to about 80% from when they were new, Product could, in theory, be charged up to 2,000 cycles — about 1/4 of total capacity is lost every 500 cycle, Unlike LiFePO4 batteries, Li-ion can operate only in temperatures between 32-104F (0-40C). The Yeti 500X and Explorer 500 have more in common than the Yeti 400 Lithium and Explorer 500. Having a way to keep all of that stuff functioning while off the grid could be mission-critical depending on what your goal is. while packing away your camping gear), Suaoki G500 requires a 2-second press to minimize unintended power on or off, No master button to turn off ALL outputs at the same time, Multiple fans turn on during high peak and can be too noisy for some, No cable accessories or carry bag included besides the 57W wall charger (takes 100-240V input, though you can’t bring batteries of this capacity on a plane), Competitors often throw in cables for charging via solar or car cigarette socket, and sometimes a small case to hold them, Cannot be chained to other Yetis to extend capacity (some GZ products, like the, Battery not replaceable (some GZ products can). 75W – 113W), depending on environmental conditions, panel’s age, and component quality, If a solar panel is rated for 100W, it could take as fast as 6.7 hours [505 Wh / (100W x 0.75)] to charge, Yeti’s 505Wh at 3.7V is roughly a 136,487 mAh powerbank (505 Wh / 3.7V x 1000) or a 46,759 mAh at 10.8V, Always test your devices with the power station before you depend on it on the go. It was surprisingly light for a product that is capable of providing so much power. Can be used and charged at the same time. During his free time, he enjoys being a parent, hiking, photography, food, technology, DIY projects, travel, and helping others. The Yeti 500X is also capable of running a small LCD TV for 3 hours or a CPAP machine for as many as 10 hours. Ports include: 2 USB-A, USB-C PD, USB-C, 6mm, 12V, 2 120V AC Inverter. There really is no formula I can give you, but…, Michael, I just purchased this and am confused on the operation. It is a beautiful, tough (and tough-looking), relatively lightweight power station that dethroned my former 500Wh favorite for its compact size: the Rockpals 500W. Yeti 200X. That is more important now than ever when we rarely leave home without at least one or two battery-operated devices. $699.95. For better fit, buy a Goal Zero one, Can charge concurrently with the 8mm port for a total of 180W of input, Inverter handles a continuous 300W, peaking at an unmatched 1200W! Yeti Goal Zero Cost. Top of Yeti 500x is concave to help keep small items from getting lost. If you are curious about Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, they are bulkier, heavier, and cost more than Lithium-ion. Shop. Previous Page 1 of 1 Next Page. Добро пожаловать и благодарим за посещение! What size battery should you get? We are working with our suppliers to secure additional supply as quickly as possible. Goal Zero Yeti 200X Portable Power Station $299.95. At the same time, sales for gas generators, battery power stations, and solar panels had seen an uptick in demand for emergencies. With over double the storage capacity of the Yeti 200X, the Goal Zero Yeti 500X Portable Power Station will keep your whole family charged through any adventure or outing. The higher the Watt-hour (Wh) capacity rating, the more, Design should allow for proper, thermal cooling, use quality components, and obtain proper certifications, Batteries made by known manufacturers are less likely to fail, BMS should sufficiently restrict the battery from going past its capabilities, Lithium-ion cells made by LG (a top-notch, Tier 1 battery manufacturer), Aluminum exterior helps protect against bumps and battery puncture, Given that Li-Ion batteries become more volatile as capacity increases, this added protection is important, Environmentally friendlier than hard plastic, Vertical, rounded edge grilles provide extra grip, heat dissipation, and act like phone case bumpers, Rounded corners are less likely to shatter than sharp edges, Jackery, Rockpals, Suaoki, and other brands I have tried were made of hard plastic shells that may be more prone to cracking and overheating, Brushless fan (JDH6020S) on each side with front-bottom vent for cooling, Relatively lightweight at 13 lbs with aluminum exterior, Roughly equivalent to a 136,487 mAh 3.7V power bank (or 46,759 mAh 10.8V), Capacity to power a 30″ LCD monitor and Mini PC for 5-7 hours, a Toshiba 50″ Fire TV for almost 4.5 hours, Note: Some manufacturers claim to be Pure-Sine when they are actually Modified or Square Waves, Provides built-in overload, overcharge (automatic stop when the device is full), and short-circuit protection, Can power AC and DC (USB/12V Car adapter) at the same time (as long as they draw less than 300W combined), Laptop, tablet, phone, light, fan, CPAP medical device, projector, TV, mini refrigerator, speaker, camera, and SOME rice cookers, Two input options: 120W 8mm port (front OR back) and/or USB-C PD 60W, Both can charge concurrently for 180W total! You might also have a rechargeable headlamp, a camp lighting system, GPS devices, walkie-talkies, camera gear, a drone, and a variety of other devices. Goal Zero combined two of their complementary products to give you a complete off-grid power solution: the Yeti 500X Solar Kit.The Yeti power station has multiple power outputs for all your gear and the included Boulder 50 solar panel connects to the Yeti to charge the battery, so you can keep your energy-hungry electronics charged and running. The newer Yeti 1500x brought with it new capabilities and an expanded ecosystem of available accessories: - Charging input of 600W max from up to 4 solar panels It consists of a battery. The below calculations can help answer those questions and are rough ESTIMATES as conditions, battery quality, and age can vary. It depends. Then came the COVID-19 pandemic that caused much panic. Pricing aside, I came to appreciate the design and engineering that went into it. It is simply a beautiful product that screams STRENGTH! Its charitable arm had provided aid in areas struck by natural disasters, such as the Haiti and Japan earthquakes and Hurricanes Sandy/Harvey. Both products are excellent, safe choices — it simply depends on what your needs are, how much you are willing to spend (and carry), and what ecosystem you want to invest in. It also features two standard USB-A (12W max) ports, a standard USB-C port (18W max), and a USB-C PD port (60W max). Goal Zero Yeti 500X Portable Power Station is currently unavailable. The Goal Zero Yeti 500x really surprised me as the successor to the Yeti 400 Lithium.

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