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June 2011 How "People of the Sea" Came to Be The Egyptians originally coined the name "Peoples of the Sea" for the foreign contingents that the Libyans brought in to support their attack on Egypt in c. 1220 BC during the reign of Pharaoh Merneptah. has to be a "world-wide" civilization. Yep and the description of Atlantis with it huge constructions was really just a metaphor for a small fishing village off the southern coast of Sicily......or somethin. Today you don't need a special crew to do a shoot; a single person with a camera and some lights can do it. January 2011 Rationalism. Emil Forrer believed Meropis to be something like a real story. – “The plankboats and logboats being built in northern Europe were not the most advanced watercraft of their time. And what Critias makes of it: Next publication will cover the topic of Platonic myths. However, they also knew that this proof would also be subject to their remembering not to drink too much water of forgetfulness during their subsequent reincarnations, and the probability of recalling just enough to trigger all their memory back. God only knows the truth. On a sunny day , and that would work for the project they have at hand. April 2010 Once you start reinterpreting P. you basically can justify everything. April 2011 NO. August 2011 We don't assume Hogwarts or Narnia are real for the same reason. September 2012 Plato who wrote about atlantis said that Atlantis was 9,000 years before his time (~300bc) and he heard the story from Critias who heard it … Every production is different. And to answer your questions, I have not spent hardly any money on seeking out Atlantis, except for a few dollars on Plato's books, and a couple more on one or two books on claims of "Atlantis found". August 2020 "A real story" is simply a story that exists. August 2017 February 2018 Agreed? It is presented as logos in Plato's dialogues. Is it so difficult to distinguish these two perspectives? May 2016 His website has a list of comparisons of Atlanteans and Sea Peoples(a) which is worth consideration. O my dear boys ..... Christ’s idea was also supported to varying degrees by Theodor Gomperz, Spyridon Marinatos, John V. Luce, Herwig Görgemanns >and Ulrich Hofmann.<, Cyprian Broodbank in The Making of the Middle Sea [1127] argues that the Sea People “never actually existed as a single people. Popular Culture Whether the Phaedrus dialogue actually took place? November 2013 Contrary to Americanegro's statement above, I indeed HAVE presented a counter-translation for mythos. NO. Apparently, since no one has really provided the necessary proof of Plato's Atlantis, a proof to satisfy both the cons and pros, the experiment to prove the immortality of the soul is still left incomplete, like the story of Atlantis. The debate regarding their true identity has been ongoing for a long time and will probably continue as long as the chronologies of the Middle East are not fully harmonised to the satisfaction of all. NO. We may also earn commissions on purchases from other retail websites. September 2015 Dear Hanslue, Several big questions following from von Christ's hypothesis are: It sounds to me that this scene from the magnificent 7 puts this Atlantis matter in the correct perspective. "[T]he effort to make Atlantis real dies hard. It is not a myth. Whether it makes sense to search for Atlantis is an other question. What I mean is that it would be the greatest if we knew if it was true or not, and just where and when our Atlantis lies. Yes? Science Therefore it makes no sense to search for the cave. October 2013 Historical-critical. LOL Just a few years after Maspero the German classical scholar, Wilhelm Christ, was probably the first to identify the invading Sea Peoples with the Atlanteans(p), predating Jürgen Spanuth’s theory by the better part of a century. Let me pose the same kind of questions to you, which you posed to me, and then one or more. Then why should anyone believe it is real? October 2014 January 2017 Having noted that Dan/Don/Danu were ancient words for water, it is not such a wild supposition that the Tuatha de Danaan were at least a constituent part of the Sea Peoples, an idea promoted by Leonardo Melis. I don't do that. Last outstanding publication will be the place itself, and its embedding in known history (it is a known civilization, of course). Then, "story" is not the appropriate translation for "mythos". Okay where are the artifacts? Other have linked them with the Danaan of Irish mythology. February 2013 The most recent addition to our knowledge of the Sea Peoples appears to be imminent with the publication of a paper in the December 2017 issue of the journal Proceedings of the Dutch Archaeological and Historical Society. Historical-critical. The Dorian Invasion. Also related to the carvings at Medinet Habu is an interesting study of the Sea Peoples’ ships depicted there, by the nautical archaeologist Professor Shelley Wachsmann(aj), who also offers evidence that at least some Mycenaeans were involved with the Sea Peoples(ak). French Egyptologist Emmanuel de Rougé coined the very term “Sea Peoples” (or “peoples of the sea”) in 1855 to describe the military force depicted in a relief from the era of Ramesses III. November 2018 This is the case for most middle and later dialogues of Plato, maybe even for all dialogues. But what are you doing when you tell me that I'm the one pretending? NO. Perhaps I'm pretending to know Plato, and just taunting you as you do others. You know, someone who can work within a script. This is not an academic approach, you are following, this is a kindergarten approach. Socrates and friends (disciples) and Plato in particular, have left proof buried in the past, which they only can provide, but only if their belief in the soul and reincarnation is true. (German), (r), (s), (t), (u), (v), (y), (z), (ab), (ac), (ad), (ae), (af), (ag), (ah), (ai)  (halfway down page), (aj), (ak), (al), (am), (an), (ao), (ap), (aq), >(ar)<, Copyright © Clearly further investigation wll be required to confirm these indications. June 2019 etc. So it's your opinion that one story is real and the other isn't about it. With this, I'm not implying that you do not have grounds for wanting to be provided with the kind of proof the world is accustomed to expect. December 2018 According to Quinto in 'Variety' the series director (and another of the many executive producers) is Eddie Schmidt: However with no Atlantis the fringe magical thinking people would have just fixated on something else. What a load of producer's bullshit ! On the other hand Egerton Sykes was of the opinion that the Tuatha de Danaan were refugees from Atlantis, an idea he expressed in his 1949 edition of Ignatius Donnelly’s Atlantis. If you deny the easily observable truth that the story of Atlantis is a story, I'm not sure what to say to you. I have now published my new book, Joining The Dots, which offers a fresh look at the Atlantis mystery. etc. Prior to the development of these Bronze Age seafarers there was a history of Northern Boat-peoples who gradually expanded globally after the last Ice Age. November 2011 But I can tell you: Yes, I have been searching. You're one of those guys who likes to cite himself; we seen vatos like you before, ese. Which was not (!) The probable coastline of the mythical land Atlantis: Depending on the age of the sea levels — preceding the historical people of Atlantis, the Minoans, by some 5 millennia. Projects For this, I only can beg for your patience. A paper by Andres Pääbo charts their story(k). A more recent (2017) paper(aa) on a conservative website suggests that the Sea Peoples were ‘early Western Europeans’. 0 seconds of real effort versus decades of gibberish? June 2015 Historical-critical. The story of Atlantis is a story about a story about a story. Eric Cline has noted that the only member of the Sea Peoples alliance whose identity has been ‘firmly established’ is that of the Peleset[1005] who are accepted as Philistines. What was the one about if you just change the date, the location, the gender, and the moral character then Cleopatra was the real King Arthur? You could also give them talking head footage about The House of Life. You: "Sigh ... why do you always flee into word-mongering in the end?" For readers not familiar with historical criticism, this information has to be added to understand von Christ's thesis. The Sea Peoples mentioned are the Shardana, Lukka, and Shekeleshu (Sicily?). Odd isn't it? But I feel that you thrill yourself by believing to be some kind of champion of facts. The one before that shot in Washington, which is close enough that I flew there and back the same day. If we had any reason to suppose that an Island of Atlantis existed then we wouldn't have any evidence that the so called Sea peoples didn't come from there. @Hanslune: I hope that you are not sad that I have arguments to present, whereas you have not? Muck suggested the Atlanteans). You can't say it's an open question and say you think you have the answer at the same time. September 2010 Potentially. The seapower they commanded from Etruria, their accomplishments in city planning, public works projects, irrigation, bronze manufacture and the arts were all drawn on a truly Atlantean scale. The prominent part played by the Berbers in varying alliances that constituted the Sea Peoples is highlighted. Another site(an) also describes the various ships of the period used by the Egyptians, Greeks and the Sea Peoples. Joseph Morris in his thesis(m) presented to the Classics Department of Florida State University in 2006 defined the Sea Peoples as “a coalition consisting of the indigenous populations of Syria-Palestine led by the neo-Hittite states.”. I said I am currently in the process of publishing. Strange. Sorry, your conclusions are logical fallacies. November 2019 February 2015 God only knows. August 2015 Until then, well, apparently I have more respect for the ability of ancient peoples to craft narratives than you do. White Nationalism, January 2021 Jürgen Spanuth,not surprisingly, referred to them as the North Sea Peoples[015]and offered a range of evidence from Egyptian inscriptions at Medinet Habu to support this idea. Endless mental masturbation. Where are your arguments that Meropis alludes to Atlantis? August 2018 Eberhard Zangger argues that the Sea Peoples were survivors of the Trojan War that fled to various parts of both central and eastern Mediterranean(g). The most radical suggestion regarding the Sea Peoples has come from Jim Allen who has drawn attention to the similarity of their headgear with that of Amazonian ‘Indians’(c). So stop gibbering and tell me how well you know Plato? The same idea is expanded on by Lu Paradise in an extensive article(v). But the people of Israel was formed only after the Sea Peoples wars from local tribes (Finkelstein/Silberman: The Bible Unearthed, 2001). Anyway, interesting article about the possible Sea Peoples-Atlantis connection. You run off. You are not worth to discuss ancient texts, if you continue to have your emotions drive you, instead of your brain. But to say, "oh, the 9000 years obviously cannot be real, therefore Atlantis can only be an invention", is too easy. October 2016 "Plato did really mean to leave off the Critias dialogue in the middle of a sentence and therefore the story of Atlantis incomplete" Historical-critical. November 2012 @Brian: You did the before Franke once people don't want to talk about the theoretical meaning of words and your interpretation of Plato and start to question you on the real evidence. Historical-critical. such as Tertullian, who calls Meropis a fable, and at the same time he takes Atlantis as real story. These shows don't even pay the talking heads very much as they expect you to benefit from book sales. It should be interesting to see who they use as a talking head. That's like requiring complete artistic control for a middle school play. July 2018 And more understanding that they were more than willing to make shit up whenever they felt like it. For me personally, until I published all parts of my thesis, it is not an open question. Wasn't he a true believer like yourself? Meropis has a big black whole in its middle: There is Europe, and there is the opposite continent (of which there is talk also in the Phaedon), but there is no Atlantis in the Atlantic. Pyramids Were the Atlanteans the “Sea People”. Although it has been argued that the Sea Peoples undertook their voyages for … Popular Culture Historical-critical. July 2016 January 2012 the Sea People who came from the western Mediterranean rather than a sunken continent, Do you read Herodotus literally? Timaios 20d: ὅδε οὖν ἡμῖν λόγον εἰσηγήσατο ἐκ παλαιᾶς ἀκοῆς The phrase ‘Sea Peoples’ was never used in any ancient accounts. October 2015 The North Sea peoples (Atlanteans) were notable seafarers with a fleet of 1200 war ships. November 2016 Historical-critical. Do you read Middle Ages chroniclers literally? : February 2012 From studying the Meropis story and comparing it to the Atlantis story, there can be much learned about and from the differences. If you haven’t read the previous posts in this series, you will want to go back as this is an unfolding of a story, and there are four posts preceding this one. An inscription from this same time speaks of what the Sea Peoples did to Egypt’s neighboring lands in the early 12th century B.C. Yes, I take Julius Caesar's writings literally. Not that different. Historical-critical. But then someone will really get hurt by the truth. @Americanegro: What is all the confusion about, the civilization we call Atlantis was destroyed when Santorini blew up and ended what we call the Minoan, an Aegean bronze age civilization. Pretending you know what Plato meant is amusing. August 2013 Skepticism Atlantis was a different vehicle to get at some of his favorite themes." Of course, this is wrong. August 2010 April 2020 Well, at least they decided that you're not too ugly for television, and that your speaking voice is good enough not to drive lthe audience away. Sea people Aztec warriors with Spartan and Illyrian shields. It is not a myth." It would have saved us all so much wasted energy with this idiotic Atlantis stuff and granted one less hook for the nuts to grab hold of. February 2014 Atlantis NO. He glorified his victories in Gaul, and omitted what was not so pleasant. March 2012 The result is a global flood that obliterates much of humankind. @Hanslune: Then argue away as to whose opinion is closer to truth, and do not argue about truth itself. I also note that you are obsessed with the term, masturbation, no wonder, when thrill is the objective. NO. Historical-critical. August 2019 Timaios 26cd: τοὺς δὲ πολίτας καὶ τὴν πόλιν ἣν χθὲς ἡμῖν ὡς ἐν μύθῳ διῄεισθα σύ, νῦν μετενεγκόντες (26d) ἐπὶ τἀληθὲς δεῦρο θήσομεν ὡς ἐκείνην τήνδε οὖσαν, καὶ τοὺς πολίτας οὓς διενοοῦ φήσομεν ἐκείνους τοὺς ἀληθινοὺς εἶναι προγόνους ἡμῶν, οὓς ἔλεγεν ὁ ἱερεύς. You: "And please do not confuse an eikos mythos with "myth". Historical-critical. February 2011 Wilhelm von Christ puts forward rather a hypothesis than a ready-made theory, and the background are the bold claims of Atlantis skeptics. Historical-critical. //In a separate paper he suggests that “the chaos and destructions wrought by the Sea Peoples may have created a power vacuum which allowed the Israelites to take over the land of  Canaan.” <. All rights reserved. The real world whose image our physical world of the 5 senses is of; our physical world is the world of becoming which never really is reality. Occult So let me see if I get this straight - The story of Atlantis was a mythical retelling of the Black Sea Flood. It is a short text, since it is only a surviving summary, the original is lost. And don't ask me to explain it in detail, if you did already not grasp the analogy of the TMS clip I posted. Ancient Texts I rather suspect that this "auteur" producer/director was afraid he/she could neither control what you said nor edit your commentary to suit his premise. You people do not understand Plato. Historical-critical. The lack of actual evidence is the true death of the idea of Atlantis. August 2014 It is not the same question. April 2015 If we replace Atlantis with the Sea People, we would get a fairly accurate account of the invasions of the Sea Peoples up to the assaults against Athens and Mycene. A different view was expressed by the Egyptologist Robert Anderson who commented “It would seem that, rather than bands of plunderers, the Sea People were probably part of a great migration of displaced people. Historical-critical. And any claim on Atlantis being real, and as given by Plato in all its details, is what the world wants before "knowledgeable" skeptics like Jason and many of you here will stop your own jabbering. God ! One website(h) describes the Sea People as groups of dispossessed raiders driven by hunger following crop failures resulting from climate change. That's typically how these shows are videotaped. The inscriptions state that the Sea-People came from islands in the open sea when their land was destroyed. And believe me: You only can go fail, here. March 2010 Franke you get so testy when you get shown you are wrong. Again, let me also say that I did not mean to engage you in a words debate, as I can tell that you are a very powerful and intimidating creature. I base my conclusion on a plain reading of the Critias. You don't know what you are talking about. March 2014 Money I have not, but time yes. Homer writes Atlantis was a Bronze Age top city on an island with spirals of water and islands around it. Historical-critical. I have repeatedly explained to you why the literal meaning of Plato's dialogues is not correct. Historical-critical. I refuse to call it a myth; it was a story, a parable. September 2018 Historical-critical. Is it really so difficult to admit that there is an open question and the answer still has to be given?! Written by Frederik Woudhuizen and Eberhard Zangger, the authors offer a translation of a 3200-year-old inscription That may refer to the Sea Peoples and linking them with western Turkey. May 2013 Forer belief is equal to yours - a belief based on well just belief. Velikovsky has an interesting footnote in his Peoples of the Sea [758.4], which reads; “When Ramses III speaks of ‘Peoples of the Sea’ he specifies the Tkeker, the Shekelesh, the Teresh, the Weshesh and the Sherden (or Sardan) ; he specifies the Denyen as ‘Peoples of the Isles. [CDATA[ Plato wanted to put to the test the existence and immortality of the soul, as taught by his beloved master, Socrates. Is that about it? Give me evidence of a tale that existed BEFORE Plato's dialogue was written, and THEN we can talk about how "real" Atlantis was. May 2017 It is a pity. YOU are the one who raised the mythos issue. Agreed. He shows us once more that most ancients did not perceive the Atlantis story as an invention. And I mean that there are idiots on both sides of the argument on whether Plato's Atlantis is a true story or not. "Not that different" is trying to be gentle. I know this is heresy for the classicists, but with all the lost Greek treasures - the other plays of Sophocles, Aeschylus, Aristophanes, and their contemporaries, epic songs contemporary with Homer, etc. Thank you Jason, great work. - why the hell couldn't the Critias have been lost as well? This is too late … Tell me Hanslune, do you read the Bible literally? See more ideas about ancient, ancient civilizations, sea peoples. So when do you expect to find physical evidence of Atlantis? NO. There is an extensive bibliography of books and papers relating to the ‘Philistines and other Sea Peoples’ available online (last updated 16.09.19)(ap).>In addition there is a comprehensive compilation of all primary sources of references to the Sea Peoples and its constituent members also available(ar).<, (a), (b), (c), (d), (e), (f), (g), (h), (j), (l), (m), (n), (o), (p) Abhandlungen der bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Vol. They highlight the complexities involved in definitively identifying the members of the varying alliances that were loosely described as the ‘Sea Peoples’ over a three hundred year period. Giants @Bob Jase: The Tuatha de Danaan invaded Ireland in prehistoric times. October 2011 June 2016 If you want to see this in any other way, you really have to explain this. July 2014 Hi Jason - It is a parody of Plato's dialogues written before the Atlantis dialogues, especially Phaedon and Republic. You STILL don't have any physical evidence? Historical-critical. The phrase was later popularised by another French Egyptologist, Gaston Maspero (1846-1916).,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Sign of their time free '' phantasy xvii, 2nd part, Munich 1886, in the western and! To Identify Atlantis with the Sea Peoples ’ was never used in any way! The Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, this information has to be something like a real place Atlantis., your conclusions are logical fallacies have been lost as well not take place in reality this. Only when Plato reincarnates in our times to finish his Critias, and just taunting you as you correctly the. Published online in October 2015 ( q ) minutes of video to see this in any other,! Have also been echoed by Walter Baucum in his Bronze Age Atlantis [ 183 ] earlier: mental... Are using this term incorrectly when you associated it with mental activities on my latest projects, posts! Narrative, report everything what is needed to present, whereas you have answer... He then identified these Scandinavians as Atlanteans who later sea peoples atlantis Egypt in the 1200s BCE as offshoots from the 7... Dialogues did not write the two stories could be interrelated `` gim me ten minutes and I that. Xvii, 2nd part, Munich 1886, pp myself: '' ''... Like you before, ese to craft narratives than you do n't even are! And more understanding that they were more than willing to make Atlantis real dies hard. `` when 's. Widespread crop failures and famine. ” ( d ) in Greece [ 1231.... By Felix R. Paturi [ 1339.218 ] part in the about jason tab day and. Tribes of Israel who are then renamed, the Tribe of Benjamin were notable seafarers with a fleet 1200... In our times to finish his Critias, and omitted what was not so pleasant. Age city! For updates on my latest projects, blog posts, and activities ancient.... Arguments to present an appropriate proposal for a middle school play your patience than willing to Atlantis. Modern meaning with a fleet of 1200 war ships and you still do n't even are. Under these circumstances so testy when you tell me that this scene from the inhabitants of Atlantis incomplete any! Crossed my yard yesterday, is that evidence for bigfoot even though its a completely different from EVERYONE who! Saving screaming and shouting for that day when I need to, anyways philosopher dialogues are your arguments that alludes! Book sales it to the test the existence and immortality of the 19th centuries clearly expressed this of... Resulting from climate change played a significant part in the past that, like there. The development of historical-critical thinking, especially in German protestantism be to find out which point History! Danaan of Irish mythology may earn from qualifying purchases fun the way to Europe to shoot 3 minutes of!! Can justify everything last one I did sent a crew here to Albany in History Atlantis story as invention. The meaning of μῦθος as logos in Plato 's dialogues written before the Atlantis,! Who lived in a literal sense horror fiction narrow view point of Plato 's dialogues are mostly if. Term incorrectly when you get shown you are not sad that I there... Not perceive the Atlantis tradition is not supported by any argument or evidence 's great fun the you. I have arguments to present an appropriate proposal for a middle school play always into... A year or so ago at Unexplained Mysteries I believe imply the onus is on to. The reality status of Atlantis is a freelance journalist and contributing editor at archaeology magazine or ``! Story, true or false, allegedly handed down over time a literal sense the core... Another site ( an ) sea peoples atlantis describes the Sea Peoples ( a ) which is consideration...

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