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However, here they add at least a couple of guys to the fold, and although they're just as "ripe for the picking" as a couple of the other new female characters, I felt it took away a lot, if not all, of the magic of the whole thing in terms of the character dynamics. So with the help of a local man who discovered Sarah panicked on the side of the road, there's magically another way down to the caves other than where the group of women first entered - a shaft that leads down to some mines that are directly adjacent to the caves. Format: Prime Video Change. Don't have an account? We want to calculate the value for 0 and 1 but we can have multiple features (>=2). By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy He is a fan of all types of cinema from drama to action, comedy to western, thriller to sci-fi and almost everything else in between (although he has a general dislike for most musicals and romantic comedies). If you liked the first one you'll maybe get a kick out of seeing the Crawlers doing more of their vicious attacking but generally I'd say skip this one and just go rent the original. Chuck Bowen. Overall The Descent: Part 2 is a major step down from the first film in almost every area, from the amount of scares (a whole truck load in the first to just a handful here) to the effectiveness of the gore and even down to such things as the dialogue (which is sometimes eye-rollingly cheesy) and the predictable characters (suspicious sheriff, naive young officer, eager adventurers and so on). But in the interest of taking up useless e-space, I'll continue. Appreciate the bonus 90 minutes you get to spend down in the caves with these terrifying monsters. The Descent: Part 2 Review. It was directed by Jon Harris from a screenplay by James McCarthy, J Blakeson, and James Watkins. 0. He cites some of his favorite movies as Pulp Fiction, The Big Lebowski, Psycho and Mulholland Drive but finds himself annoyingly garnering new favorites almost every other week. Rotten Tomatoes, home of the Tomatometer, is the most trusted measurement of quality for Movies & TV. Price: $3.99. Shauna Macdonald ("Mutant Chronicles") returns as Sarah, continuing the story of 2005's hugely successful horror thriller "The Descent", in which a group of young women disappear during a caving trip in the Appalachian Mountains. I think I can make my case pretty clearly for why you definitely should not get involved with this game. Full Cast and Crew Info. MyMovies_International. The Descent: Part 2 - review. Release Date: December 2, 2009. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Descent 1+2 at Here, a lot of the time it's just gratuitous and bloodily violent for no reason than just to have it in there. The film received positive reviews and was a box-office success, grossing $57.1 million against a £3.5 million budget. The tight spaces and endless darkness creeped the hell out of me the first time around, but the new director here just isn't able to capture the same kind of dread without resorting to blood and gore. 4 out of 5. An uninspired retread of a horror classic, this tries hard to justify its existence... and fails. A sequel, titled The Descent Part 2, directed by … Firstly, let's get the plot out of the way: As I said, Harris picks up right where Marshall left us all in the last one, with the one remaining member of the cave diving group, Sarah, having escaped the seemingly endless caves (we'll get to how that may or may not make sense, depending on what version you saw). on. Well, she obviously loses her memory of everything that happened (typical...) and so doesn't refuse as you'd logically expect. 11 years ago. The Descent Part 2 is a 2009 British adventure horror film and sequel to the 2005 horror film The Descent. So unlike the ladies in the first movie, the rescue team takes the easy way down. Unnecessary sequel to one good movie. On the day I saw The Descent: Part 2 I was in a foul mood. It delivers the goods as they say. How convenient. April 28, 2010. But in order to retain any good will, this series is going to have to do the one thing our Crawler friends have demonstrably failed to do. Unfortunately for Sarah, everyone else outside of the caves only have the information to go on that six women went down into the caves but only one came out, and needless to say Sarah becomes a suspect to the local law enforcement. The second element of the first film that is squandered here is the more general fact that it was an all female cast, something that you don't often see in movies these days, particularly horrors. Copyright © Fandango. To me, it was the most effective horror film I'd seen in years, and my personal favorite since The Shining (it featured at number 1 on my list of the "Top 5 Movies That Scared the Hell Out of Me"). He describes himself as a writer and a fan, a fan and a writer - but not always in that order. Harris's direction is messy, favouring confusing set-piece scares over the all-important group dynamics. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. All in all, serviceable, if unremarkable extras - befitting the film they come from. Overall The Descent: Part 2 is a major step down from the first film in almost every area, from the amount of scares to the effectiveness of the gore and even down to such things as the dialogue. Lastly, I just want to mention the ending of the film: Of course, I'm not going to give anything away, but suffice it to say that I found the ending to be ridiculous, nonsensical, annoyingly ambiguous (read: get ready for The Decent: Part 3) and that it took away from the overall story of both movies. Implementation With Gradient Descent. Ce derniers sont montrés avec générosité, dans un état d'agressivité hystérique permanente et avec un appétit qui plus est multiplié. In 2005, a relatively unknown horror film entitled The Descent hit … Published. So why does Sarah agree to go back down there, where she faced hell just hours previously? Is The Descent: Part 2 a worthy successor to the critically acclaimed and well-regarded Neil Marshall horror? The Descent: Part 2 is not, alas, one of the Greatest Films Of All Time. It may not be as meticulously crafted or as gritty as its predecessor... [but] there's enough edge of the seat shocks and grisly set-pieces - not to mention satisfying cross-overs from the original - to keep genre fans happy. It was also a film that I felt wrapped itself up very well, and in no way needed a sequel. The definitive site for Reviews, Trailers, Showtimes, and Tickets Unfortunately for The Descent: Part 2, the loud jumps that did come weren't strong enough to shake me in any way, as, for the most part (like so much of the film), they were fairly well sign posted.

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