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Creating Citizen Awareness

With a larger percentage of the world’s nations practicing the democratic system of government, active citizenship participation has become a crucial factor in creating government policies.

However, there is a growing apathy amongst the populace due to several government policies. Unfortunately, this situation results in more policies that neither reflect the general public’s opinions nor consider their interests.

As a result of the rising distrust of the democratic process, a significant percentage of the population appear disinterested in recent developments surrounding government policies. While this trend serves the needs of corrupt public officials who thrive in little or no resistance, there is a need to ensure that citizens are actively involved.

Like most governments, Mexico operates a democratic government with a constitution that dates back to 1917.

The Mexican constitution establishes the creation of the three branches of its government. Also, it recognizes the fundamental human rights of every Mexican.

The Mexican constitution encourages the equal distribution of the country’s natural resources by giving the government significant control over such resources’ appropriation. It also limits the amount of land every citizen can own.

However, many Mexicans live below acceptable standards despite the constitution’s provisions due to a lack of public involvement in the government’s policy development.

We also believe in the essence of protecting the fundamental rights of every citizen as provided in the constitution.

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