Process Towards a Citizen-Popular Constituent

Author: Piolo

Date: August 27, 2018

We have to facilitate the way for a new subject, that is truly community, that is a compact social community, capable of delegating among its social components, with all freedom and real consensus, those who represent in an authentic way the wishes and aspirations of the town.

In other words: Design the route to reach what we want our nation to be, but the road itself must be understood as the gestation of different scenarios, within the families, in the neighborhoods of the cities, in the colonies, in work environments, in ranches, in places, etc. Even when it is in the making, the context in which we place this process must guarantee the conformation of people with citizen quality, managers of the country that we wish to be.

We place ourselves in the dynamism that allows the continuous dialogue between the citizens, so that permanent educational processes are facilitated in the experience of a truly democratic regime, where everyone is provided equally, access to justice and security. and to peace, and each of us enjoy decent living standards.

The unifying axis of all this is what can be called an Alternative Constituent Congress, conducted in several stages. We design them from a prospective perspective, in such a way that the very process of their development is producing a model of citizenship that grows in their active participation in the political construction of the country.

It is not a question of arriving at any way and by any means to the objective of having a constitutional reform, achieved with the participation of a minimum part of the Mexicans, but it is necessary to take the steps with astuteness and the necessary times, to increase the political awareness of the totality of the citizens of the country.

It’s not about creating a few super-leaders and super-leaders, but that all Mexicans and Mexicans can truly participate, knowing what they want for themselves and for society as a whole, opening up more and more to the inclusion of people and groups most vulnerable, marginalized and excluded.

All voices and all aspirations are accepted and are included in the Constitution. In this way, our Magna Carta is truly the point of reference to combine the will of Mexico in respect for justice and the rights of all and of all, without exception.

Tentative itinerary of the Constituent Assembly
That everyone knows what we have of Constitution at this time. What remains in it really in favor of the progress of all Mexicans, and what has been cleverly reformed, that favors a few groups and people and harms the vast majority of citizens.

To design the methodology and to put the Constitution in the hands of our people, the first actors will be academics and specialists in constitutional law, in methods of citizen participation and in pedagogy and popular education.

It’s not about creating a small group to do this. We have to put to work universities and higher education centers across the country that freely want to join this transformation process.

It must be stated that it is a question of the Mexican people, in their totality, knowing the contradictions that exist within the Constitution and the measures that, based on constitutional laws, the federal government and state governments can take to expel from progress and of the dignified life to the citizens.

The next step will be to build an educational process so that the whole of society can contribute to the reconstruction of the constitutional text; For this we will have to demand a lot from the generation, in a differentiated way, of a path in which the different categories or sectors of citizens can contribute through their aspirations to justice and the welfare of their persons and their families and groups, the elements that serve for the construction of the integral legal body that Mexico needs at this moment.

This will not be in a general way, as we did in the first stage, but we will have to group the peasants, the indigenous people, the housewives, the students, the entrepreneurs, etc. in an orderly manner. to obtain sufficient information that is the basis for reconstructing the Constitution, taking into account what citizens are suffering, the injustices to which they are subject, the lack of functionality in the public service; We need laws that guarantee adequate justice processes. We have to let all sectors of the people express their needs and their complaints.

It is at this stage that a new country can be designed to open, in a dynamic and continuous manner, through the referendum and the referendum, citizen participation in the conduct of the country. It will also be the opportunity to introduce the revocation of the mandate and to update our Constitution with the principles of international law.

It is clear that also in this phase the presence of experts and experts is necessary to strengthen the contributions of our people. As in the revision of the Constitution, these specific groups that will have to be grouped into tables, distributed throughout the national territory, must have advisory services and sufficient means of information.

If we want to be successful, we must be many and many who commit ourselves to walk alongside the different sectors that sustain the whole life of the country.

In the same way as in the previous phase, this participation will not only serve to have a new Constitution, but to create awareness among the people of the capacity that the Constitution itself gives its own laws.

Taking the word of our people in this consultative process, broad and plural, your proposals should return to the hands of academics and experts, so that, having in their hands the results of critical review by the people, and contributions that he himself has provided to build a new Constitutional text, work on its wording.

At the end of this work, you must return to the hands of our people again organizing, by specialized sectors and categories, so that you can once again give your word on this Constitution.

In short, we can speak of three processes in which all our people have intervened in the preparation of our new Constitution: review and criticism of the previous one, contribution to its reconstruction, and a new revision of the text that has already been completed.

This path has generated a mature citizenship to take very seriously the leadership of their country with a truly democratic spirit in which each and every one of us Mexicans take responsibility for the life of our country.

This dynamism, in which we Mexicans have dialogued, we have met, we have helped each other and we have encouraged each other along this path, it has revealed among us the quality and the moral quality, the capacity for authentic political leadership, for dispose us, no longer through political parties, but in a new way: through different electoral districts, still in force in our Constitution, so that we can, by consensus, elect those people we want to represent us in the two chambers of the Congress of the Union.

At the same time that we choose a congress in a consensual manner, we will design the new way to integrate the government we want with the people we want to govern us. Article 39 of the Constitution recognizes the sovereignty that the people of Mexico have to give themselves, at the moment they decide, the type of government they want.

If we do not start working together as a single people, in this restoration of the country, we will continue to be servants of the political class, because each one gives us a little attention and with that we are satisfied, but nothing is solved .

Now we have to be the ones who must generate a different structure in a single way that is the revision of our Constitution, that is, the restructuring of the country from a comprehensive legal basis that is worthwhile.

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