The Need for Citizen Awareness

The violation of citizens’ fundamental rights only worsens due to public disinterest or the apparent ignorance of the available channels provided in the constitution. Therefore, the benefits of citizen awareness include:

·        Increased Social Integration

Most of the unwholesome government policies serve as a useful tool in dividing the general population into different social classes.

Besides the apparent disparity in infrastructure provision, the apparent exclusion of certain groups in several public appointments also serves as sufficient proof of such policies. While government officials may provide lots of excuses for such decisions, the impact on society is impossible to ignore.

This disparity only increases resentment against perceived favorites and leads to unhealthy friction between members of the populace. However, by creating citizen awareness, it is possible to put a stop to this anomaly.

Increased citizen awareness helps strengthen existing networks and create new ones by involving previously excluded groups in discussions. Besides providing a healthy framework for increased equality, increased citizen awareness also improves the relationships between previously excluded classes.

·        Better Governance

Apparent public disinterest in the creation and implementation of government policies allows shrewd government officials and public institutions to handle public resources without any recourse to the public interest. Therefore, it is necessary to increase citizen involvement.

Besides leading to active participation in the democratic process, increased citizen awareness also improves governance by demanding greater transparency in public institutions’ activities.  This transparency leads to the creation of better government policies and increased accountability of public officeholders.

·        Improved Quality of Services

Although government officials may have sincere intentions, inadequate knowledge of public needs and concerns leads to the provision of deficient or even obsolete infrastructure.

Therefore, active engagement in the decision-making process significantly improves the quality of infrastructure the government provides and creates relevant institutions to meet public needs.

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